Automile PRO for Android — Available now on Google Play

We’re proud to announce that Automile PRO for Android is now available on Google Play! This has been a team effort and it feels awesome to offer our Android users the same great native experience our iOS users have had for a while.

Automile PRO for Android

With the newly released Automile PRO for Android we interview Ludwig Bolling, Android developer at Automile.

Hi Ludwig! Who are you?
I am Ludwig from Stockholm, Sweden, where I’ve been living for the past 8 years. I have been developing in the Android ecosystem for the past 4 years and have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Android development is not just something I do for a living, it is also my passion. On my spare time I usually try to find time to develop some cool apps just for fun. Apart from that I am also married to a wonderful wife and have two amazing daughters that I love more than anything else.


What will you be doing at Automile?
I will lead the Android development team and work actively to assure Automile builds applications that are smart, stable and solves real user’s pains in the most simple and elegant way. If you want to join our Android development team at Automile and build the next generation of connected car applications, or just want to chat about development/ideas, please e-mail me at


Tell us more about the new Automile PRO for Android?
Automile PRO for Android is an app that solves pains for businesses and their drivers to manage their fleet with no effort. It includes an electronic trip logger to make car trip reporting a whole lot easier. It also provides an overview of vehicle health, fuel consumption and other key fleet performance metrics and technical problems. Everything in a touch of a button.


What’s the difference compared to the iOS release that was just updated?
For Automile it’s crucial to offer the same experience across both Android and iOS so there are no difference in feature set. Users will quickly recognize the beautiful and easy to use interface.


For which Android versions does Automile work for?
All Android versions from 4.1 and upward.


Which is your favorite Android phone?
Nexus 6. It’s big, beautiful and brutal.


What about an Android wear app? I want Automile on my watch!
Android wear apps, and apps to other gears, are an integrated part of the Automile strategy to expand the experience to our users favorite devices. I am hoping that we can bring some exciting announcements in the following months, so stay tuned.


What are your plans for Android at Automile for 2015?
My plan is to grow the Android team with at least 2 senior Android engineers and to continue releasing smart updates to foster the Automile experience for our business products. We’re also working actively in the coming release of our consumer product.


So how does cooperation work between iOS team and Android team? Do you fight over what’s best all the time for your respective users?
No, you can’t really say what is best. All users are different, with different needs and perspectives. What works for me might not work for someone else. I of course prefer Android as a mobile over other platforms but I am not afraid to try something new and give it a chance. iOS is a superb OS but it’s not for me.


What advice would you give to Android developer interested in joining Automile team?
Do your home work, impress us and don’t be afraid to be persistent over time.