Automile on the podium of Sweden’s 33 Hottest Technology Companies 2015

Which of today’s technology startups have the potential to become tomorrow’s stock exchange giants? We’re proud to announce that Automile has been selected to be on the list “Sweden’s 33 Hottest Young Technology Companies”. Previous year’s winners include Spotify, iZettle and Mojang.


What is “33-listan”

33-listan, or “Sweden’s 33 hottest young technology companies” is compiled jointly by the newspapers Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. The formal criteria to be included on the list are pretty few and it is up to the public to nominate companies. To be included on the list requires that the company:

  • Is based on an innovation
  • Is a maximum of seven years, that started in 2008 or later according to Bolagsverket (Swedish Companies Registration Office)
  • Not listed on any form of commerce

A company can be on 33-listan three times. After the nomination period there is thorough research period before the final list is decided. The results are presented at a major gala event in Stockholm, Sweden. After the final the full list of companies that made 33-listan is published by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. The list is not a ranking list — anyone on it is a winner.

A little history

The aim with 33-listan is to build a meeting place for all who somehow focuses on technology innovation — entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, intellectual property experts, consultants, researchers, journalists, politicians and civil servants. 2008 presented the first list as part of Venture Capital Day.

What does this mean for Automile

Automile on the podium

It’s, of course, a great honor to be recognized in this manner. This reward makes us believe in our product even more and work even harder to make reality of our vision to have All Cars Connected.

Thank you!