Automile Is Now Available In Polish

Automile was founded in Sweden by serial entrepreneur, Jens Nylander and in no time the company has become one of the fastest growing SaaS startups across Europe and United States. It is because businesses love Automile for its simplicity and how it helps manage their fleet of vehicles in order to increase productivity and be in compliance.

Poland is a home for more than 2 million LCV commercial vehicles (Berg Insight). Businesses primarily face the challenge of recording mileage accurately to be in compliance with the tax rules. With Automile, they not only avoid tax compliance headaches but also manage their overall fleet of vehicles efficiently.

Automile offers a smart IoT (Internet of Things) device called the Automile Box that can be simply plugged into a vehicle’s OBD port to start managing the vehicle instantly. Using Automile’s web and mobile apps, businesses can achieve great results. Automile web and mobile apps includes:

— Electronic Recording of Mileage — Automatically tracks mileage for all trips and avoid paper-based logging. Automating mileage log eliminates the risk of erroneous tax deductions.

— Monitoring of Vehicles — Knowing the exact position of the company vehicles real time has never been easier.

— Travel history — History of all the trips traveled can be easily accessed from one place.

— Fuel consumption – Understanding how much fuel is being consumed is just a click away.

— Smart notifications – Get alerted about mileage log summary, speeding and more via SMS or Email.

— and much more. You can learn more at

We are excited to extend our offering which is already popular in several European countries and localize it for the Polish market.