Automile Launches Mobile-First Field Service Management Solution

Automile is excited to release Field Service Management solution to give you the freedom to run and grow your business in the field.

Now you can automate your customer communication, boost your employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction by managing your jobs, scheduling and dispatching efficiently – all with just a few taps.

Thousands of field service businesses across industries such as HVAC, cleaning, plumbing, electrical and more love using Automile.

With this new field service management solution, you can:

1) Estimates & Jobs:

Create estimates on-the-go, get fast client approval and manage all your jobs in one place.

Field Service

2) Schedule & Dispatch:

Assign jobs to available technicians through the desktop app and dispatch it to their smartphone.

field service scheduling


3) Real-time GPS tracking:

Know exactly where your vehicles are at any time and schedule available technician closest to the job.


field service gps tracking
4) Job Status:

Your technicians can manage their To-Do list of assigned jobs and mark the appropriate status (Started, Completed, Cancelled).


Field service job status


5) Automated Customer Communication:

Keep customers in the loop on job status via text and email whether it is about sending an estimate or letting them know that the job has started. Your technician can simply get e-signature from the customer when the job is completed.

field services customer e-signature
7) One Stop Shop:

Whether you want to add customers, convert estimate to work orders, or manage items for the jobs, you can do it all anytime anywhere within minutes.


Field service item list


“When a customer needs us, we look at the Live Map in Automile and dispatch the closest vehicle to the job site” – Brett Yates, Co-Owner of Yates Company


Stay tuned for more exciting news from Automile in a few weeks.