Automile launches 2nd generation of Automile Box

The Automile team is proud to launch the second generation of its Automile Box to the public. Now trusted by hundreds of businesses, we are improving and delivering more. A range of new features including 3G-connectivity, the Automile Open Sensor Network and an improved GPS-receiver. Everything inside an amazingly compact format.


Our second generation of the Automile Box is the world’s smallest and most advanced always-on connected device. The device is always included in our subscriptions.

3G and Bluetooth enables smart sensors to connect to our ecosystem.

15 Second Install

The Automile Box fits any vehicle from 1996 (2001 in Europe) and installs without any tools or wires in just 15 seconds. It can be moved between vehicles without mixing up data and works in 54 countries.


“I measure my activity with Runkeeper so it feels natural to also measure what the car performs. Automile PRO gives me nicely presented detailed data that makes me a better and more environmentally conscious driver.”
Per Åström, Innovation Manager TV4-Gruppen

“With Automile PRO in all our company cars we’ve got an effective solution that’s legal and tax compliant and saves a lot of time for the company’s management. When we started, there were doubts in amongst the staff but after only one week of use their doubts turned positive over the simplicity of being able to present their mileage in a precise and credible manner. Automile PRO became a hard to beat solution with its attentiveness and pricing – we only pay a monthly subscription where everything is included!”
Hans Lagerquist, Finance Manager ITS-Nordic AB

“We’ve chosen to install Automile PRO in all our service cars and are completely satisfied! Automile has been good at keeping in touch and following up continuously, cooperating with staff responsible for our vehicles and educating our users on how to use the system. We’re convinced that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for Automile!”
Per-Eric Bjurenborg, Chief Operating Officer Ragn-Sells

Automile Open Sensor Network

Through the use of Bluetooth LE (Smart) we offer third-party manufacturers to create smart connected products that can reuse Automile’s always-on connectivity. First out is cab- and engine heaters from Calix that together with KGK offers their retailers to control their heaters through the Automile service.

And coming in March are temperature sensors from Oceasoft for companies that need to remote monitor food and medical deliveries sensitive to high- or low temperatures.

If you are interested in these features and/or have great ideas don’t hesitate to e-mail our team at