Automile Feature Showcase: Vehicle Inspections

If you are challenged with the errors and slow turnaround time of paper-based logging for vehicle inspections, you need to switch to automated vehicle inspections which will enable you/drivers to record defects accurately in seconds. The monthly costs (just materials) of a paper-based logbook is about $3-4.00 per driver. Depending on the size of the fleet and labor hours being spent with manual tracking, the annual cost can add up to thousands of dollars.

Automating the vehicle inspection process not only saves time and hassle for the drivers but also enables faster turnaround time on repairs. Also, it is easy to communicate and keep everyone aligned on the review process of the inspections and the status of the repair at every stage. Likewise, when something goes wrong with a company vehicle, don’t you want to be informed right away so you can take action?

It’s your job to ensure the health and safety of both your drivers and vehicles. Today’s fleet telematics solutions help you address this responsibility head-on, saving time compared to the old-school manual way of recording defects.

Let’s take a look at Automile’s Inspections feature and you’ll see what we mean:

Here’s why you’ll love this tool:

Logging defects of your vehicle in a timely and error-free manner helps you…

  • Eliminate paper
  • Increase the accuracy of recording
  • Save time

And being proactive about maintenance, you’ll have…

  • A digital log you can access over desktop or mobile app
  • The opportunity to get vehicles serviced before little problems become bigger (and costlier!) problems
  • Healthier vehicles that keep your drivers safer

Here’s how to log a vehicle defect using the Automile app:

  1. Simply select “Inspections” from the main menu
  2. Create an Inspection by selecting from the list of common defects (e.g. air compressor, battery, oil pressure, windshield wipers…)
  3. Take a picture of the vehicle’s defect with your smartphone and drag it over to the defect you created, and save.




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