Automile Feature Showcase: Task And Management

  1. Pull out your mobile phone and open your Automile app
  2. Open the “Live” feature and look for the company vehicle on the map that’s closest to your customer
  3. Open the “Tasks” feature and message the driver of said vehicle – “I need you to go to ___ as soon as you can”


What a great way to ensure service doesn’t get interrupted. This is a perfect example of the value that fleet telematics tools bring to a business. GPS and mobile technology converge, enabling a beautiful live map and intuitive messaging interface to help you provide a real-time solution. It’s a win-win for everyone: you, your drivers, and customers.

Here is a story of one of Automile’s customer – Elevation Solar.  

I can quote a recent incident where we had trucks driving to Albuquerque, New Mexico and we had some tires on trucks that were quite old. Unfortunately, one of the tires blew out. With Automile, we were able to track down the exact location and sent another truck and the installers were able to continue on their way and we made arrangements to have the other truck towed.” – Rob Jones, Automile Customer.

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