Automile Feature Showcase: Organizing Your Field Service Business Into A Hierarchy


Automile is introducing a neat way to help you manage your fleets in different parts of town or across time zones more efficiently. Organizing your field service business into a hierarchy just got easier—and it is designed to both simplify and enhance fleet management for your growing company.

Think of this as just another way Automile grows with you (and keeps getting better). Consider these examples:

  • Say you’re an East coast-based landscaping business that has recently expanded to the West coast. You now need the flexibility to manage your fleet by geographic divisions so you can more accurately track driving behaviors and travel time/distance trends.
  • Say your plumbing company operates in two states with different maximum speed limits—one is 60 mph, and the other is 70 mph. You want to set up a geofence and schedule notifications related to one or both states so you can help your drivers stay on top of (make that underneath) the “right” speed.

Yep, these functionalities are now possible with Automile. Our new hierarchy capabilities enable you to set up your organization according to your needs. Like this:

Under “Settings,” you can add sub-groups to your Organization—for example, a geographic division of your organization—and then and assign Nodes (vehicles, drivers, Geofences etc.) within it. Nodes are easily dragged into the tree structure under a group or sub-group. Then, you can further customize nodes by creating Geofences, Places, and Notifications for specific nodes. Learn more in this FAQ.


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