Automile Feature Showcase: Real-Time Tracking With Live Map

Automile Live Map- Traffic

The Automile feature our customers love most is Live Map for real-time tracking. That’s because it answers their question, “Where are my vehicles?” in real-time. Ready to take a look for yourself?

Up-to-the-Minute Visibility

Forget calling your technicians to find out where they are. Just open your Automile app and check out your Live Map.

This is critical functionality for field service business owners and their managers because they need to know where their vehicles and technicians are at a moment’s notice. Every day, you face challenges related to scheduling, customer service, dispatching, and more. If you ever hear…

  • Where’s the technician? They’re late!
  • Can I get someone here asap?
  • Can you fit me in for servicing this afternoon?

…you know what we mean!

See What We Mean

With Live Map, you can see all of your vehicles on a map. You can:

  • Search for a specific vehicle under “Find Vehicles” or click on a vehicle from the list in your app sidebar to zoom into its precise location on the map.
  • View the vehicles closest to any specific area—a job site, your business headquarters, or even an unauthorized zone. Just enter a location name in the search bar on the Live Map window. You’ll see a list of vehicles in the vicinity (along with the driver’s name and the distance from the location) in a pop-up window.
Automile Live Map- Closest

And on the map, you can see what the traffic looks like for a specific location or surrounding a specific route for any of their vehicles on the road. Cool, huh?

Here’s why Live Map is awesome: with specific vehicle location information at your fingertips, you can quickly respond to customer requests. Message the nearest driver to say, “Head on over to service XYZ” or alert them to a sticky traffic situation they’re about to enter. You can tell your customers, “We’re 5 minutes away!” Or, if you get notified that a driver crosses over a geofence, you can contact them and say, “Is everything OK? What’s happening?”


Looking for Some Real-Life, Real-Time Live Map Love?

Scott France of Macrina Bakery says, “Automile shows us exactly where our vehicles are at any given time. Sometimes if the driver is not responding to a text or a phone call because they’re on the road, then we can look the vehicle up on the map and know where the van is. If we need to find the location of a van because it’s broken down, or needs repair, Automile helps us do that.”


Another Automile customer, Rob Jones of Elevation Solar, told us a truck’s tire blew out on the road on the way to a customer’s site. “With Automile, we were able to track down the exact location and sent another truck and the installers was able to continue on their way and we made arrangements to have the other truck towed.” Rob also shares, “I love going to live view (Live Map) to see which vehicles are parked and which ones are moving. We are able to see when the installer gets to the property.”


And Cody White, Owner of Scientific Calibration, Inc. explains, “Before Automile, we weren’t always aware of what was going on at the job site. With Automile plugged into our vehicles, we can view exactly where they are at any instance during the trip through the live map feature.” He adds, “With the tracking feature, we make sure that the employees are on time for jobs.”


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