Automile Feature Showcase: Expense Tracking Just Got Even Easier

Just when you think our expense tracking tool couldn’t get any easier, look what happens! We’ve added a cool new capability enabling you to automatically pull data from an invoice so you don’t have to manually enter it. Easier, huh?

Here’s why:

When you record expenses like tolls, parking, and fuel fill-ups, you’ve always been able to snap a photo of your receipt into your Automile app. But now, thanks to really cool scanning and drag-and-drop tools on the photo screen, you can identify the amount you need to expense and the name of the merchant—and the app will automatically enter it into your expense record.

Eliminating 2 manual entries means time-savings in two ways:

  1. In real-time, when a driver enters the expense, snaps a picture, and doesn’t manually enter the amount and merchant name.
  2. When a driver has a stack of receipts to track…these seconds of not manually entering data can really add up!

And here’s why it makes sense to use Automile’s Expense Tracking feature:

  • It’s hassle-free – you record an expense right on your Automile app. That means you don’t have to carry around receipts in your pocket or glove compartment (unless you want to!). And if you like the idea of eliminating paper, read Go Paperless – Ready to Toss the Clipboard Mileage Log Out the Window?
  • It provides visual proof of expense – you simply take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone.
  • It’s accurate – the combination of easy access to creating instant expense records and photographic proof, you’ll never have to “try to remember” how much you spent on your last fill-up.
  • You can report on it later – taking a look at your drivers’ expenses and trends give you insights into how much you’re spending on various fleet costs. Love insights? Do You Want Actionable Business Intelligence For Your Field Service Business?


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