Automile Feature Showcase: Automatic Trip Logs

Have you ever daydreamed about automatic trip logs? About how much smoother each workday (and tax season) would be without the tedious manual recording of every single trip detail? About how great it would be to have full visibility into where your company vehicles start and stop, how much time they spent en route to a customer, how much fuel was used to get them there?

If only you could automate trip logs. Ahhh…imagine the possibilities.

Wake Up! With Automile, Trip Logs is Automatic.

Think about that for a moment. “Automatic.” That means it just happens. The Automile solution starts logging a trip as soon as the vehicle starts moving. Neither you nor your driver has to lift a pencil to record everything from start time to ending mileage. You don’t have to pull out a calculator to figure out the exact trip duration or exact mileage—you know, all of those details that are so important for claiming IRS tax deductions.

Read all about this in Say Goodbye to Paper Mileage Logs and 1, 2, 3, Cha-ching! Maximizing Your Business’s Mileage Tax Deductions in 3 Steps.

Here’s how Automile’s Automatic Trip Logs Works

Once an Automile Box is plugged into a vehicle, it captures and records detailed information about each and every trip, including:

  • Start address
  • Start time
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Average speed
  • Stop address

All of these details get sent into the Automile cloud for you to access on your user dashboard or in your Automile app (just click on the Trips icon). You’ll find a complete log for each trip and be able to view and edit all of its details. That means you can:

  • Categorize trips—mark them as either “business,” “personal,” or “other.” (This is key for maintaining accurate business mileage logs.)
  • Add notes—include any information you think will help you account for the trip administratively (like apply for mileage reimbursements) or at tax-time (deduct business-related vehicle expenses, for example).
  • Merge/Unmerge trips—combine two or more trips that have short stops between them (or unmerge them if you change your mind and want to account for each trip separately).

What’s more, a map shows you the trip’s exact path. But you can also click your tool’s “Advanced View” for the raw data and to see what direction the vehicle moved in along the exact route. Plus, Enterprise plan customers can view even deeper-dive indicators such as driving events (harsh breaks, accelerations, hard turns, and accidents) for next-level decision-support.


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