Automile ecosystem expands to 3rd party project management with Fieldly

Automile interviews Daniel, CEO & founder of Fieldly, who walks us through the integration with Automile ecosystem which allows them to easily add vehicle and trip data into the Fieldly project and dispatch work order management cloud tool.

Can you please present Fieldly to our readers?
Fieldly is a project management system for construction companies.

How did you hear about Automile?
We heard about Automile from a friend of ours and we were actively looking for a solution that could handle vehicle trips for our customers in a smart and easy to use way. When we found Automile we instantly knew that it was a perfect match.

What’s your experience using Automile as a driver?
First of all, the hardware module was surprisingly easy to plug in, even for me as a none car person. Just plug it in and the data starts to flow almost instantly. We love how rich and accessible the trip and vehicle data is.

What kind of integration with Fieldly did you have in mind when you saw what Automile can do?
We wanted a way for our customers to not only capture vehicle trips and related data, but also keep track of the company fleet. So we integrated Automile in a way where both these desires are met. Our customers can get all data about their trips but also the general health of their vehicles, which adds another dimension to the integration.

Can you describe how you use Automile for Fieldly users? What are the benefits to have Automile data right in their Fieldly tool?
By adding the Automile module into your vehicles you gain access to your fleet data in no time. You get valuable trip information as well as vehicle health right in your Fieldly administration panel. This gives you full control over your day-to-day business with the tools you already use. Plus trips can be added to projects and work orders and be made billable with a click of a button.

What’s the reaction of users having their vehicle trip data from Automile in Fieldly?
Very positive. The reaction is that of “WOW, can I get that much data from that small module?”. People really like that they can add this essential tool to their favorite project management tool.

Individual trip data, detailed with fuel consumption for costing

How easy was it to integrate Automile into the Fieldly platform?
The API was very well documented and it was interactive so it took us very little time and effort to integrate it into Fieldly.

How valuable was this capability for Fieldly as a business?
Very valuable. Trip information is an essential part of our customers business.

How do you see the evolution of this integration?
We want to integrate Automile data even more tightly into Fieldly. We love how the features of Automile and its API keep evolving in a fast pace.