Automile API Puts Fieldly Customers in the Driver’s Seat

At Automile, we’ve kept our API open so that third party developers can create new offerings using our technology. One such application we’re proud to have integrated with is Fieldly, a project management service for construction companies.

Fieldly is an award-winning project management solution for construction companies, designed to improve operational tasks and internal communication. It contains numerous tools including project quotations, work order assignments, job site location, and planning.

Fieldly was searching for a way to connect their customers to construction vehicles in their fleet, not only for GPS tracking but also to monitor vehicle health and keep track of maintenance needs. “When we found Automile, we instantly knew that it was a perfect match,” says Daniel, CEO & founder of Fieldly.

With integration with Automile, all Fieldly vehicles are outfitted with an Automile Box, our OBD-II device that instantly syncs to most vehicles manufactured after 1996. This data is collected and interpreted to provide Fieldly customers with the same useful metrics and analysis that makes Automile such a valuable fleet management tool.

“The Automile API was very well-documented and interactive, so it took us very little time and effort to integrate it with Fieldly.”

One feature that was especially valuable for Fieldly is that all the vehicle trips recorded in the system can be added to work orders to be made billable with a click. Automile integration has allowed Fieldly to expand their offering and integrate valuable vehicle data for construction vehicles in the project management platform.

Learn more about Fieldly on their website. Are you a developer interested in using the Automile API in your next project? Follow our developer channel on Twitter, and visit our API here.