Why US Businesses Love Their Smart Vehicle Trackers

Automile fleet trackerThanks to their smart vehicle trackers, business owners and their fleet managers across the USA are working smarter, not harder, and transforming their operations. What’s the secret? It all comes down to automating tasks they used to do manually and gaining capabilities they never even had in the first place!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s making such a difference in fleet productivity and company profitability:

Going from Manual to Automatic…

  • Real-time vehicle/driver locating – instead of calling mobile workers to see where they are, all it takes is a look at a live map. Learn more in Automile Feature Showcase: Real-Time Tracking With Live Map.
  • Automatic trip logging – rather than pulling out a paper and pencil to record trip details (error-prone!), the handy IoT telematics device gets the job done (with perfect accuracy), plus stores the data in the cloud for future numbers-crunching. Find details in Automile Feature Showcase: Automatic Trip Logs.
  • In-the-moment expense tracking – wrinkly receipts and cumbersome expense reports don’t have to get drivers down and waste time. All they have to do is take a picture of the fresh receipt right after they fuel-up and enter the expense into their smartphone app. Love this idea? See Automile Feature Showcase: Expense Tracking Just Got Even Easier.

…and Adding Value at Every Turn

  • Actionable real-time notifications – instead of finding out after the fact that a vehicle’s coolant was high, a handy alert notifying you to “cool it” helps you get in front of what might have been a very costly problem. See Simple Notifications That Save Businesses And Lives for more.
  • Business-boosting reporting – since so much data related to your vehicles and drivers is being collected and stored, there’s so much for you to report on! Everything from fuel use to safety. Don’t miss Predictive Analytics for Field Service Businesses to learn how this data translates to more dollars and sense.
  • Asset protection – gone are the days of living on a wing and a prayer, hoping your company vehicles end up in the parking lot at the end of the day and stay there until morning. Tracking devices keep you in-the-know—and your vehicles accounted for. Find out How to Avoid Unauthorized Use and Theft of Business Vehicles & Assets.


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