Case Files: How Secure Are Your Assets From Thefts?


Have any of these things related to asset thefts and unauthorized use ever happened to you? We hope not. But knowing they can happen—and do happen— to innocent field services business owners, we want to make sure you’re prepared. Just in case.

  • You brought a drilling rig to a construction site and left it there overnight. You arrive with your crew the next morning to find it missing.
  • Your customer calls asking when the technician will arrive, but you can’t reach them. That’s because your technicians are panicking as they just noticed your company vehicle was stolen from their driveway.
  • You notice one of your company vans in the background of an image posted on Instagram—#happyhour #latenights—and remember why you wanted to “friend” your employees on social media.
  • You didn’t lock the doors to your cargo truck before you left the parking lot in your own car. You return the next morning to find the truck—and all of its contents—no where in sight.
  • An employee leaves the company vehicle idling while he runs inside to make a “quick drop off.” Unfortunately, a thief jumped in and made off with a “quick steal.”
  • You would have sworn there was a trailer attached to your company truck when you left last night. But now it’s 300 miles away.

If you’ve never experienced any of these things…don’t wait for them to happen. It’s easy to protect yourself with asset tracking. Stay tuned for Automile’s latest new product release!


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