Ask Your Customers to Recommend You on Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a free, private social network for your business, your neighbors, and your community. Your customers might be members—and more people are joining everyday. If your field service business isn’t listed, you’re missing out on referrals and recommendations from the people who know you best and want to share the love.

The Magic of Customer Endorsements

People are interacting on Nextdoor to exchange information about issues that are important to the community (“There’s been a break-in down the block!”) and to ask for advice (“Is there a dependable local dog-walker among us?”). They’re also getting and giving recommendations for a great local painter, landscaper, pest control company, etc.

Referrals from a close community of neighbors work like magic—and Nextdoor provides the perfect place for people to talk about your business! It just makes sense that you’d want to leverage the social platform for your field service business. You’re part of your neighborhood, after all.

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Here’s How Nextdoor Works:

Nextdoor invites you to claim your business’s Local Page, which makes neighbor recommendations easier to find. You’ll be able to see comments and recommendations that are shared with you, as well as that member’s first name, last name, profile photo, and neighborhood name. You can reply to these comments you’ll even be able to receive private messages. Through a color-coded map, you will be able to see the neighborhoods where your business has been recommended by Nextdoor members.

You won’t, however, be affiliated with a specific neighborhood, you won’t have access neighborhood conversations or directories, and you won’t be able to send private messages to members—but that’s to prevent businesses from overwhelming people with promotional messages.

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And…be sure to ASK your customers to recommend your business on Nextdoor!

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