Achieving the Gold Standard in Fleet Management

Gold Standard in Fleet Management


Many top-performing small business owners are locked in a battle to effectively manage their fleets. Taking care of their vehicles has become a chore, using up precious time and brainpower they need to run the company. Like athletes who aren’t on top of their game, they’re not competition-ready.

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a coach to get you into shape and train for weeks on end to see results. A world-class fleet telematics solution can get the job done quickly—and help you set the gold standard for the life of your business. If you want to optimize your performance and get to the front of the pack, here’s what to look for in a solution:

If it’s not easy, you’re not going to use it—no matter how much value it promises. State-of-the-art fleet management solutions are created to ensure a smooth and hassle-free end-to-end user experience. Whether that means taking a free-trial test run, managing your fleet from an intuitive easy-to-access web or mobile app, or pulling reports, the right solution will have you covered from day one.

Easy Set-Up

Winning solutions are plug-and-play. They don’t require a complex installation. You don’t have to wait around for a technician to come to your parking lot or garage to get things moving. You can literally do it yourself in seconds, by plugging a small internet-connected device into to your vehicle’s diagnostic port socket. The device syncs with vendor’s servers (and come to think of it, easily integrates with any existing software you use) and you’re on your mark…get set…boom!

Affordability and Return

This isn’t just about pricing that won’t break the bank. It’s also about no nickel-and- diming. Today’s top telematics solutions are fully automated, leveraging technology that saves time and costs for everyone—value that gets passed down from the vendor to customers. And the costs you can save as a result of using a tool to help manage everything from route planning, fuel consumption, and driver behavior…let’s say that the ROI is just waiting to be realized.

No Multi-Year Contracts

You want to “up” your fleet management game, not make a 3-year commitment, right? You should be able to try it for a few days at no cost and not get locked into multi-year contracts.

A Winning Team

Would any Olympic champion be a success if they had to “go it alone?” When choosing a fleet management solution, look beyond the customer support team to see how the company’s Product, Marketing, and Sales team operate. Gold standard is when the entire company is constantly listening to customers and moving fast to help empower them.

These are just some of the reasons why businesses partner with Automile. Learn more about how Automile can help you win the game when it comes to managing your vehicles and drivers.


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