855Bugs.com – Pest Control Company Partners with Automile To Manage Their Business Vehicles



855bugs.com is a Texas-based full-service residential and commercial pest control company. 855bugs.com has a customer-first perspective and provides the highest level of service possible. 855Bugs.com has about 11 vehicles and 7 technicians.

We had the opportunity to talk to Cody Bledsoe, Service Manager at 855Bugs.com. Cody is an entrepreneur himself and has owned a pest control company prior to this role at 855Bugs.com.

What are your responsibilities as a Service Manager?

My role is to make sure the technicians are doing what they are supposed to be doing and spending their time wisely. I also do inspections and support sales.

What challenges have you run into when it comes to managing your vehicles?

Let us say we had a customer call and they need an emergency service done, we had to look at all of the technicians’ schedule hoping they were up to date.  Then we will call all of the technicians to see if they were indeed at the locations they were supposed to be and if they can get to that customer. Now with Automile, all of that has been solved!

That is great to hear. How has Automile solved this for you?

Now with Automile, we can bring up a map and know where all our trucks are so I know that if I have a house that needs to be done in a neighborhood, I can see which vehicles are closest to this neighborhood and get someone over there as fast as possible.

Also, I check the drivers’ speed all the time to see how fast they are going and that has helped. The more I check it, and the more I tell them about it, the less now any of them actually speed.

What did you use prior to Automile?

We used another system which was a disaster! It didn’t work well and completely cut it off. When we called their support, they pretty much shared that if we don’t like their service, we can look for other vendors. We went several months without any GPS solution and didn’t know where the vehicles were.

I’ll tell you that Automile’s customer service is beyond awesome. Never dealt with a company where you can get questions answered so fast.

Does the company provide smartphones to your technicians?

Yes, they all get iPhones and some have tablets.

What other tools and technologies do you use at 855Bugs.com?

We use Quickbooks for accounting and Slingshot which acts as a messaging board.

Cody, you are an entrepreneur and have owned a Pest control company in the past. What would be your 2 cents for service based businesses?

My #1 thing if I could go back to running a business is to automate as much as possible. Now that I am working with a bigger company, I see that automation of the scheduling is a must. I did everything on paper when I owned my company and that was a disaster. Paper just doesn’t work anymore in this digital age.

Cody, Thank you for sharing your experience and insights with us. We appreciate it!