6 Signs You Need a Field Service Management Solution

Still hemming and hawing over investing in a field service management solution? You’re probably already experiencing at least a couple of these warning signs that it’s time to take the plunge:

You’ve Got More Customers Than You Can Handle

First of all, this is a great problem to have. Second, you need to optimize your business processes to handle (that is, serve) your customers most efficiently. A field service management solution boosts your productivity while on-the-go—to manage work orders end-to-end from your smartphone or tablet while you’re at a client’s location, for example—so you can get more done. That means more time to spend with new customers.

You’re Still Using Paper, Pencils, and Spreadsheets To Track Activities

So much of what you and your technicians are manually recording out in the field can be automated. That includes work orders. Why continue to manage your schedule, orders, inventory, and techs using yesterday’s non-tech methods? If you can’t think of a good reason, it’s probably time to consider a process upgrade.

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You’re Not Delivering an Awesome Customer Experience

You’ve probably noticed that your customers expect more and more from you. That’s not a bad thing—it just means their preferences are changing. They’re getting used to a level of service that technology-fueled processes provide—thanks to on-demand web services, mobile communications, and the like—and they’re experiencing this service in nearly every area of their lives. If you’re not offering a streamlined, hassle-free service experience today, why not start offering one tomorrow?

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Your Technicians Keep Requesting One

Your employees are onto something. If they’ve worked for a company who provided them with digital field service management tools—or they’ve heard about them from industry colleagues and friends—they know what they’re missing. These apps make techs more productive, increase their job satisfaction, and make them look better in front of customers. You can’t blame them for asking…and they’d love it if you’re answer was a resounding “A-OK!”

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Your Competitors are Using ‘em

Take a cue from companies in your space who are using technology that improves their workflows and makes customers happier. Take their strategy seriously, because they are. You don’t want to get left behind or be perceived as the out-of-date outfit in town, do you?

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You Just Know it’s Time to Update Your Operations

Maybe it’s this simple. You know the future is calling for your business to enter 2018—and you’re enthusiastic about taking the plunge. We’d say this is reason enough to invest in a game-changing solution that’ll bring your business several steps ahead. To get an idea of what we’re talking about, take a look at how to Modernize Your Field Services Business with Fleet Telematics.

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