The 5 Ways Vehicle Telematics Keeps Your Employees Connected


Are your technicians all over town? We hope so! That means they’re busy serving customers and doing their best to keep up with a busy schedule. And it’s a schedule that’s always changing with each emergency call, cancellation, or thunderstorm. All the more reason to keep everybody connected…to what matters most. Let’s see where vehicle telematics fits in.

The secrets to staying connected through telematics come down to 3 main things:

  • Automation
  • Mobile technology
  • Commitment to process

Vehicle telematics solutions are powerful! They digitize what once used to live on paper (think manual trip logs and expense reports) and they’re GPS-enabled to provide immediate and real-time insights. And all the tools are accessible from any connected device. If you’re willing to make the most of them, then presto! Your employees are connected like never before!

  1. Connected to You

We talk to business owners and fleet managers every single day about how to use telematics to help manage field employees. You can monitor your vehicles and drivers with real-time GPS tracking and then send them a message if you need to contact them for any reason.

“We never worry about where our vehicles are at because we can see the vehicle locations on the map,” says Jarod Dotson of Dotson Group “If there’s a last-minute emergency call that comes in, we can see who is closest to that location and ask them to attend to that customer.”

It’s really that simple.

  1. & 3. Connected to Customers and the Company Mission

For field service businesses, customers and company mission is really one and the same, right? You’re out there doing what you do (your mission) to help the people in your community (your customers) solve problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re delivering home health care, installing windows, removing critters from crawlspaces, or planting beautiful flowers.

“What matters most to us is taking care of the customers,” says Millennium Lawn and Landscape’s Tyler Spears. “And if technology can empower your workforce to give your customers value, that is what is important.”

  1. Connected to Compliance

This is important. There are so many rules and regulations you need to follow as a small business with vehicles. For instance, there are tax rules and HOS regulations—but that’s just scratching the surface. What about vehicle inspections?

You rely on your employees to help you stay on top of all the documentation you’re required to collect, retain, and submit, and all of that data has to be accurate and accessible. Vehicle telematics tools, from automatic trip tracking to immediate expense reporting (and more!), are at your employees’ fingertips through their app on the smartphone.

  1. Connected to Inner Peace

Yeah, we said it. But think about it. By dis-connecting from paper logs, paper receipts, and other manual and time-consuming processes, their headspace is clear to focus on what’s most important: doing the work they enjoy and doing it well—and with confidence that they’re safe and serving your customers’ best interests. That feels good!

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