5 Tips for Managing a Field Services Technology Change

change management

Introducing employees to new technology is exciting, right? You can’t wait to share the great telematics solution you found to make your job (and life) easier. But what if your employees aren’t ready for it? Follow these change management tips to make sure they are.

Plan To Prepare Everybody First
In field services, things happen fast. But everything doesn’t have to move so fast. Don’t start plugging your new IoT devices into your company vehicles without a providing a thoughtful heads-up to the drivers. While some of your employees may say, “Whoa, how cool!” others might feel threatened. Either way, they all should know why you’re making the change in the first place, so your plugging-in isn’t met with freaking-out.

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 Explain the Whys

Your technology investment isn’t coming out of nowhere—but do your employees know that? You’re probably spending too much time elbow-deep in paper and your company needs the technology to remain competitive, to get ahead, to serve customers better…and yes, monitor employees and their driving behavior for the betterment of road safety. All in all, you want to automate your processes and collect insightful data so that you can run your business better, faster, and more profitably. Share this with your employees—they’ll probably appreciate it!

If you want to make sure your workers know you’re not making the tech decision to scare them into compliance, you might enjoy Overcoming “Big Brother Is Watching” And Other Employee Telematics Fears. 

What’s In It For Me?

It’s human nature: we’re always looking out me, myself, and I. For employees to “buy in” to your telematics investment, they need to see how it’s going to benefit them. For example, they won’t have to manually track miles anymore—a huge weight off their shoulders! Check out Count the Many Ways GPS Vehicle Trackers Are Empowering Employees for more reasons your technicians will love their new tools, and share them.

Elect a Telematics Champion

Depending on how large your team is, it might make sense to have at least one person to serve as a champion. They can encourage enthusiasm across your ranks by telling other employees how great the new technology is going to be and how it’s going to improve individual and company performance, customer service, etc. They can help you deliver the “what’s in it for me” message and even give you a hand with product training. For more on motivating your employees to rally together, read Safety First: Building A Safety Culture In Your Field Services Business.

Communicate Frequently—and Reinforce Key Messages

One of the best practices of change management is to keep up a stream of steady, consistent communications to give employees time to prepare for their imminent process changes. This could be during regular daily or weekly meetings or in special “new technology launch” activities.

We want to point out that implementing a cloud-based telematics solution is really easy (read Why “Getting Started With Automile” Is Our #1 Priority for details), so don’t expect a huge learning curve that’s going to take weeks and weeks of employee training. But you are making a change to the way you and your employees work and it’s best when everyone is on the same page.

Give your techs the information they need to perform their tasks and communicate with you out in the field using their mobile devices and/or new telematics app. (Discover The 5 Ways Vehicle Telematics Keep Your Employees Connected.) And keep them apprised of product updates and new features so everyone is always making the most of your investment.


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