5 Tips for an Awesome Field Services Customer Referral Program


You’re looking for new customers for your field services business, so why not let your customers help? A customer referral program is a great way to bring in new leads while making your existing customers feel valued. Here are some tips to make your program a success.

Have a Plan

Ready to take your word of mouth marketing to the next level with a customer referral program? Great! But before you start asking all of your customers to “Tell everyone about us” in exchange for coupons or a gift card, take some time to set up a strategy. How many referrals would you like to receive? How many can you handle? How will you ask for them, collect them, follow up with them, and manage the new business? How will you measure success? For starters, you can review our list of tips to get you thinking in the right direction!


Identify Your Ideal Customers

As you know, not all customers are created equal. Think strategically about the types of customers you want to attract based on your base of existing customers (the ones doing the referring). Do you just love customers ABC and DEF? Do you get lots of high-revenue, repeat business from UVW and XYZ? (Maybe not so much from JKL or MNO?) Knowing which customers are most likely to provide you with opportunities to do what you do best will help you target your referrals requests—and draw in more of the ABCs and XYZs!



Reach out to key existing customers—the ones with whom you have established relationships and are likely to deliver “ideal customer” leads—and ask them to refer business your way. Aside from face-to-face interactions, email campaigns are a great way to promote your referral program. Get Email Marketing Tips for Your Field Service Business. While you think you’re already top of mind for your favorite customers, sometimes people need a reminder that you’re open to taking on new customers and want to build your business in the community.


Show Appreciation, Always

Your loyal customers have already experienced your value and should be happy to share it with their friends and colleagues, especially if they know you’re committed to meeting their needs in the future. Are you? It’s good practice to show your gratitude in everything you do—saying “thanks” for their business, providing excellent customer service, charging fair prices, delivering high-quality products, etc. When asking customers to “share the love” and send even more business your way, it’s important that they know you don’t take them for granted, and that you plan on treating their referrals like VIPs.


Seal the Deal: Reward Referrals

This is not always needed or recommended but sometimes a ‘tangible’ thank you goes a long way. Depending on what works for you, give a tangible “thank you” for each referral, either when they give the referral or when the person they referred becomes a customer. You can offer a discount on your services or send them a gift card for a local restaurant. Make sure it’s something they’ll truly value and that will motivate them to get out there and share your company’s name and website.


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