5 Must-Read Industry Articles On IoT

5 Must Read IoT Articles

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is more than just another buzzword – it’s becoming a way of life. As people’s mobile devices are always within reach, if not already in your hands, we increasingly rely on them for all aspects of work, life, and play. And while the consumer sector has seemingly received most of the attention –and benefits of IoT – the business world is soon catching up. So in between ordering a pizza by simply texting an emoji, monitoring your dog while at work or answering your door from miles away, the IoT will continue to make inroads for businesses as well.

As the IoT continues to expand in its breadth and depth, it’s interesting to see how people and companies are adapting. While the full impact of IoT remains to be seen, there are countless resources reflecting on what has already changed and how IoT will influence the future of business. That being said, the following are five must-read articles for anyone interested in the current state of IoT, and what may be in store in the coming years:

1. “Inspiring the Next Generation with the Internet of Things” via The Engineer

Danielle George, professor of Radio Frequency Engineering and Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning at the University of Manchester, believes IoT will have a positive and profound impact, similar to when electricity was first harnessed. Professor George explains how IoT presents enormous opportunities for the next generation of engineers who can look at things from a different angle and create new ways of solving problems.

2. “IoT to Have Growing Impact on Businesses, Industries, Survey Finds” via eWeek

This article shares the results of a recent survey of 600 professionals about IoT and what it means to their businesses. What did the survey find? 70 percent of respondents said IoT will have a huge or considerable impact on their industries over the next five years. Although only 15 percent of respondents said their companies are early adopters of IoT, 39 percent say they are a year away.

3. “The Future of the Industrial Internet of Things” via Wall Street Daily

Exploring yet another new acronym – IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, this article addresses how as more of our material wares become ‘smart,’ the IIoT will soar past the consumer end of the IoT. Though tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco and Amazon have already staked their claims, more companies will be jockeying for a position on the frontline of IIoT innovation.

4. “The Internet of Things Needs Design, Not Just Technology” via Harvard Business Review

Delivering IoT just for IoT’s sake won’t be enough to get new customers in a changing landscape. This article contends that, due to its innate technological integration and new customer experience, IoT will demand a significantly higher level of design and technology partnership. And while product design as a professional discipline contributes little to a product’s value, in the new age of IoT, effective technology-design will be essential as the connected device market continues to grow.

5. “How the Internet of Things is Swapping Chores for Skills” via Business 2 Community

Many often wonder how the growing presence of IoT will impact the workforce – and whether it will put a large number of people out of work by replacing their jobs. This article argues that IoT won’t take people’s jobs, but rather change them. Instead of spending time on physical and time-consuming tasks replaced by IoT technology, employees will have to be more tech-savvy, devoting their workers to more proactive activities.


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