4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Field Services Workforce Culture


A field service business with a strong mobile workforce culture is always a few steps ahead. They’re likely to be more productive and have more loyal technicians and happier customers. That’s because when employees are personally engaged in delivering on their company’s mission—and when they share a common vision for company and customer success—they show up for work each day ready to give their very best.

Here’s how you can create a strong mobile workforce culture for your field services business:

  1. Define & Communicate Your Company Values

Your technicians are out there in the field working directly with customers, so make sure they’re demonstrating the values you hold near and dear. What are these values? They might include some of these:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Exceptional service
  • Full transparency w/customers
  • Caring about the environment
  • Teamwork
  • Having fun while working or creating

Your values are likely embedded into your company’s mission and/or vision statements. Share them with your workforce and tell them that as the “face” of the company, their individual efforts make a difference. Encourage them to embrace these values in all that they do.

  1. Build a Team & Be Inclusive

Creating a culture of any kind requires a group mentality, an active welcoming of individuals to the larger whole to collectively shape a set of behaviors and norms that guide their everyday interactions with one another as well as customers. When building a team, consider instituting:

  • Mentoring programs that pair new technicians with more experienced ones
  • Group trainings on equipment use, safety, or customer service skills
  • Monthly lunch-and-learn or just-for-fun luncheons
  • Regular feedback or brainstorming sessions on how to work more efficiently
  • Quarterly team meetings to set and share group and individual goals

Outside of the team-based activities, it’s also important that individual workers know their value with the company. Managers should communicate with each worker on a regular basis to provide constructive feedback and support—and to tie the individual contributions to the team’s goals and company’s goals.

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  1. Reward & Recognize

Everyone appreciates a pat on the back for a job well done. And what better way to thank employees for demonstrating company values and helping to meet company goals than with a sincere “thank you” from the boss? A formal reward and recognition program can go far to motivate field services employees, especially when it’s backed by hard or soft data (i.e. black-and-white numbers or customer feedback) that shows how the technician went “above and beyond” to complete a task or serve a customer.

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  1. Make Good Use of Mobile Tech Tools

A workforce on wheels is going to be especially responsive to mobile technology tools—anything that they can take with them and use on the road to make their jobs easier, to collaborate more efficiently, or serve customers better. Here’s where the rubber can hit the road. Every field services business is different, so identify what your technicians might need because there’s probably “an app for that!” Check out these, for starters:

  • DocuSign– for electronic signatures and document approvals
  • Frontapp – for bringing all of your external communications into one place
  • Zoom – for video and web conferencing

And Automile is being used by field services businesses to give fleet managers and business owners insights into vehicle and driver events that impact productivity and safety—along with field communication tools that help keep drivers in touch with real-time tasks.

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