3 Ways Telematics Minimizes Manual Labor in Your Back Office

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If your field services employees are still doing manual labor in your back office, then it is hurting their productivity and your bottom line. Did you know that progressive field service businesses are replacing  paper, pencils, and calculators with automation tools like vehicle telematics.

Paper, Pens, and Headaches?

Salesforce research says that over half 52% of service companies still do things manually. This can mean so many things, including:

  • Recording trip details in paper notebooks
  • Calculating mileage with calculators
  • Collecting paper receipts
  • Filling out paper expense reports
  • Picking up a phone and calling techs to find out where they are

So maybe this isn’t exactly heavy lifting, but it’s time-consuming and inefficient. Plus, manual tasks are error-prone and can lead to costly mistakes. The thing is, there are tools on the market that make administrative work so much easier—so why not use them?

Telematics solutions use the power of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile connectivity, and other forms of modern technology to automate and streamline your fleet management administration (and so much more!). Here are just three ways using telematics tools will improve your back-office efforts:

Automate Mileage Tracking

Your handy tracking device starts logging trip details as soon as the vehicle starts moving, and all of the data gets stored in the cloud for anytime—even real-time—access. This means your drivers aren’t manually recording information every time they hit the road. It happens automatically. And since it’s a digital process, it’s really easy for you (yeah, you, the one crunching numbers in the back office) to account for all of that information for compliance, tax, or budgeting purposes. You can categorize trips, add notes, merge trips, run reports…there’s a lot of power in the data, however you care to use it.

Learn about Automile’s Automatic trip logs


Automate Driver Expense Management

If your drivers are standing at the pump and collecting paper receipts to carefully store in the glove compartment, clip to a notebook, or slip into their wallet…they’re doing things the old-fashioned way. When those receipts make their way into the office, guess who’s smoothing out the wrinkles and straining their eyes to make sense of the faded printout? Who’s keying the numbers into a spreadsheet and making all sorts of notations and categorizations in the various rows and columns? And then making copies to file away somewhere? You are. Yes, you.

Vehicle telematics tools can transform this entire process—no need for squinting or messing around with tiny pieces of paper. Now, using the Automile app, for example, your driver can fill up their tank, take a picture of their receipt, and kick-off the digital expense management process. You, sitting in the office, can access this data on your computer or mobile device. Instead of spending your time entering data and categorizing expenses, you can analyze the data and use your insights to make better fuel-up decisions…and use the extra time to do whatever non-administrative task you choose!

Learn more about expense tracking.


Automate On-Demand Client Servicing

You’ve been there. Sitting in your office, on the phone with a frantic customer who needs service right away, not quite sure which technician is nearby and ready to handle it. You’ve dialed technicians out in the field, hoping someone will answer, fingers crossed. It’s such a frustrating way to spend your time and energy, and it doesn’t help improve the experience for your stressed-out customer, either.

Thankfully, with the real-time location-finding power of a vehicle telematics tool, you can find your drivers by looking at an interactive live map. Once you’ve located someone who’s nearby your customer-in-need, you can send them a message via the mobile app with instructions. The real beauty of this tool? You can use it outside of the office—wherever you may be—to ensure your technicians are where they need to be 24/7. Take a look at 5 Top Tips For Field Services Scheduling And Dispatching for more ideas on meeting your customers needs—pronto.


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