3 Ways Mileage Log is Helping Field Service Business With Time Tracking

mileage log

Time tracking. Before automatic mileage tracking apps, it used to be such a hassle. It was such a drain on time, not to mention paper and ink. Automile’s field service business customers simply don’t have to worry about time tracking anymore. Let’s take a closer look at the ways they’re using it.

Tracking Time and the Mileage Log Report

When a registered vehicle takes a trip, Automile records detailed trip information. Users can find this under the Trips icon on the right main navigation bar of your app screen, and view in either “list view” or “profile view.” Then, you can download a mileage report for everything you need to track:

  • Time
  • Origin Address
  • Destination
  • Driver
  • Vehicle ID
  • Odometer
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Time Parked
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Trip Type
Mileage Log

And here’s how you can use the report and make the most of your data:

Ensure More Accurate Payroll

Vehicle tracking gives business owners all the details they need to ensure accurate payroll. “I trust our workers, but they are human, and it’s not possible to constantly keep track of time-logs accurately,” says Desmon Edwards, Vice President at Jamar Power Systems. “When our men are supposed to be at a job site at a given time, I can monitor to make sure they are. When they work overtime, I can see trip logs to make sure that I receive accurate information before payments are made.”

Confirm Time Spent at Customer Location

Sometimes customers need evidence that their workers were on the premises for a service call. Matt Liberacki, Owner of Midwest Property Services explains, “customers wanted proof of our presence on their property to show that we got the job done on time—we had instances where a customer called and said because they never saw us on their property, we never completed the job. But we also had no way of proving that our vehicles had indeed been at the customer sites.”

Bonus: Have What Your Accountant Needs for Taxes

Customers can get way more than just time tracking. They can use mileage log to help them at tax time. Says Phil Schiavone of Nagle Athletic Surfaces, “In the past, the employees would manually log the miles which were very time-consuming. Now, they all have their own Automile account, so they simply use the mobile app to categorize their trips as personal or business. On my end, I am able to get the mileage report for the whole year. Best of all, we have data if we are ever audited by the IRS. Learn more in 1, 2, 3, Cha-ching! Maximizing Your Business’s Mileage Tax Deductions In 3 Steps


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