What Are The 3 Customer Questions Field Service Business Can’t Ignore?


There really aren’t any customer questions you can afford to ignore, but have you considered the Big 3? Those 3 critical questions that a field service business need to answer pronto? The 3 questions that, if not answered, could lead your customers straight to your competitors? Yeah, those 3.

“When can we expect your crew at the job site?”

This one shoots straight to the heart of your punctuality, your scheduling savvy, and your ability to say, “THIS is what time we’ll be there.” Wishy-washy responses like, “Uh, hang on, let me check my book,” or “Well, we’re having a really busy day and we’re running a bit behind, um…” will raise eyebrows and call your trustworthiness into question—and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Making an appointment and following through on your word is a fundamental best practice for a field service business. Yet it’s too often just the thing that frustrates customers. “They said they’d be here between 12 and 3, and I’m wasting my time waiting!” is the type of thing you never want your customers saying.

Don’t lose their trust. And don’t risk appearing unprofessional. When a customer calls to confirm a service call—especially if your crew is running late—you owe it to them to have an answer and an explanation.

“I have an emergency situation—can you send someone in the next hour?”

The dreaded service emergency. You might hear this question every day. Even if you don’t, you know that if your business doesn’t send someone out right away, your competitor will. It’s that simple. Be responsive and keep customers happy. Being able to answer this question with a “Yes!” requires knowing where your technicians are right now so you can send them to the scene.

Do you know where your technicians are right now? 

“Was your crew really at the job site?”

No see, no pay. It happens. If you’re at a loss for words after hearing this question, you may lose more than revenue. Your good word and reputation are on the line, and bad news travels fast.

Before implementing Automile, Matt Liberacki of Midwest Property Services was no stranger to this question. He explains: “Customers wanted proof of our presence on their property to show that we got the job done on time—we had instances where a customer called and said because they never saw us on their property, we never completed the job. But we also had no way of proving that our vehicles had indeed been at the customer sites.”

Don’t get caught without the proof you need to do right by your customers and get paid.


Answer These Questions with Telematics

Be prepared and have your ducks in a row (make that technicians in a row). Keeping your schedule book handy is one thing, but having real-time knowledge of where your technicians are at any moment is quite another so you can help them stay on schedule or send them over to an exasperated client.

With a GPS-powered vehicle telematics solution, you’ll always know where your vehicles are and will be able to set the right expectation with customers who are calling for an ETA or an SOS: “Looks like the crew is at the intersection of 5th and Main, about 5 minutes away from you. They should be pulling up any minute.”

And when it comes to showing proof of being at the job site, once again, take it from Matt Liberacki of Midwest Property Services. “We let the customers know that all our vehicles are tracked, and we know the whereabouts of our vehicles at any given time,” he says. “We also click pictures of the jobs before and after the job is done. So now we have proof to show that we’re actually doing what we say we’re doing.” And they’re getting paid for that work, you betcha.

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