3 Top Challenges for Pest Control Businesses

Pest control businesses love to play the hero. Their technicians show up on the scene right in the nick of time to save the day, fighting their customers’ challenges with any number of annoying, dangerous, or flat-out frightening pests. But that doesn’t mean pest control businesses are without challenges of their own. Even heroes have their villains.

In this case, the villains are the challenges that keep pest control business owners on their toes.

Pest Control Industry Growth

According to a study by Future Market Insights, the North America Pest Control Services market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of about 5.0% through 2025. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s going to be more pests crawling around our homes and office—but is does mean there’s going to be an increasing awareness of and interest in pest control management.

That makes it all more important that pest control business owners are prepared to meet the future—and ready to fight these challenges alongside the pests in their paths:

  1. Seasonality

Summer is prime time for pest control businesses. That’s when the pests come out—or shall we say inside—to play. It’s nature, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it but be prepared for the challenges of a busy season.

Running a seasonal business means you always have to deal with fluctuating cash flows and hiring schedules. It’s as important to have enough resources to cover your expenses in the slow times as it is to support growth in the fast times, when you may be able to capture a windfall of new business.

Wintertime challenges might include having “enough work” for your employees to do, or finding the “right work” to help you prepare for the summer. Your team can get caught up on training while you develop marketing campaigns to promote ongoing, on-and off-season business. And you can always get a head start on recruiting for those busy months ahead.

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Summertime challenges can be great problems to have if you’re prepared. They include keeping up with customer calls, making sure there is enough qualified and fully trained technicians on hand to serve residential and commercial clients, and having enough supplies on hand to eliminate those pesky pests. It’s a time when having great administrative processes and fleet management practices in place can make a huge difference to your ability to serve customers better than your competitors.

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  1. Pest Unfriendly Meets Eco-Friendly

A healthy home or work environment can’t contain pests. But it can’t contain dangerous chemicals, either. The chemicals engineered to eliminate pests can hurt people and pets, and your customers are becoming more aware of it. If you’re not already exploring ways to implement more “green” business practices, like replacing traditional chemicals with non-toxic alternatives, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

That’s because change is always a challenge, even when it’s a positive change. The marketplace’s awareness and demand for eco-friendly solutions are challenging pest control business owners to re-think their strategies, business models, suppliers, and customer value props. If their customers want to “go green” while eliminating their creepy crawlers, they just might have to change the way they operate.

This, of course, is a challenge that can be re-framed as an opportunity. Why not evolve with the market—develop services that more customers are going to be asking for? Consider looking into an industry credential, like the National Pest Management Association’s QualityPro designation. It requires you to meet standards on environmental stewardship, meaning your team must adhere to (you guessed it) environmentally sound practices. But these practices are becoming increasingly important to tomorrow’s pest control customers.

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  1. “Emergency” Services

If a customer wakes up next to a bedbug or finds a cockroach or mouse scurrying about, the first thing they’re going to do (well, after they climb onto a chair or run screaming from the room) is call a pest control specialist. “Get here now,” they’ll demand. Who can blame them?

Pest control businesses know that they need to respond quickly to customer calls. It’s essential that you always have adequate staff and supplies on hand to meet their needs. And you also need real-time visibility into the whereabouts of your technicians so you can schedule their calls at a moment’s notice. Today’s vehicle telematics tools arm you with the insights you need to manage your field workers—and get rid of those pests, pronto.

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