3 Reasons Accounting Professionals Recommend Automile To SMBs

Accounting professionals recommending Telematics to SMBs

Small- and medium-sized business owners depend on accounting professionals to do more than keep their books compliant. They look to their accountants for guidance on processes, tips, and tricks that keep them productive while using their financial resources wisely. To bring solutions like Automile to their attention!

It’s tax time, so SMBs and their accounting professionals are busy collaborating. Fleet telematics solutions—Automile’s, in particular—is becoming a part of their conversation. Not only because our tools help business owners manage their vehicles and workers, but because of the cost-savings and tax advantages associated with using them.

Here’s why accountants recommend Automile to their SMB clients:

  1. Hassle-Free Mileage Tracking

Whether their client has one company car or an entire fleet, Automile automates mileage tracking. Why spend time and energy penciling and keying trip details into paper logs and spreadsheets? Business owners and drivers can make better use of that time—and it’s really that simple.

Automile collects and records accurate and complete digital records of every single trip (to and from customer locations, to and from business lunches, to and from the fueling station) that business owners and fleet managers can easily manage on their desktops and/or mobile devices. They can categorize trips as “business,” or “personal” and even include notes and receipts that will help in back-end administration. Accountants love this digital organization and access, and they know their clients do, too.

Small business owner Hank Wadkins of Auto Damage Appraisers started using Automile when his employees had finally “had enough” with manual tracking. “Keeping a day-by-day log was not only cumbersome but inaccurate,” he explains. “So, we decided to introduce telematics technology from Automile. The employees were so excited…(and) it was clear to me how important it was to automate the tracking process.”

  1. Helps Maximize Tax Deductions

Speaking of mileage tracking…

Neither SMBs nor their accountants can ignore the tax-time impact of accurate mileage tracking and sufficient reporting. Accountants will figure out the best way to calculate deductions (mileage rates vs. actual expenses), but either way, the IRS requires all logs to be clean, clear, and in a compliant format. And records need to include trip dates, destinations, and business purpose, plus the total number of miles driven.

Just like Automile provides. Our automated mileage tracking solution ensures accuracy and tax and legal compliance—and ensures accountants can take and make the most deductions possible.

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  1. “My Accountant, My Hero!”

Who doesn’t want to look like a hero? An accountant who saves their clients money and time is indeed a hero, many times over. Fleet telematics solutions help business of all sizes manage their fleet resources in new ways, resulting in savings of both money and time. And they provide immediate and ongoing value…not just at tax time.

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